Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Results Are In

After exactly one month, I was tired of waiting around for Disney to e-mail me about the results of my audition, so I shot them an e-mail.

Their reply:
We would like to thank you for attending the recent Walt Disney World® Entertainment audition in your area. Unfortunately, you were not selected for a role as a Character Performer.
So, that's that. I almost wished I hadn't e-mailed them and I had just waited for the official e-mail. My good friend Lauren got an e-mail detailing that she was apparently in the character pool (which means she passed the audition but there weren't enough spots open in her height range) and that seems to be the general consensus for those of us that were still waiting after the massive e-mail blast from WDW Entertainment. My e-mail doesn't say anything about being pooled, and its not the official mail merge style e-mail, so I won't really know I guess.

In all this waiting, I've actually decided that I'd like to do Photopass more than Character Performer anyway, but it still would have been nice to know I did well.

But moving forward... I leave Austin in 23 days.  My mom, my sister Lauren, and her friend Adrienne are going to drive with me. We're stopping over in Birmingham to see our family on the way and they're staying through the seventh to help me move in and see where I live and all that.

Its coming up so quickly! I can't effing wait.


Katie said...

It's funny how your mind changes after waiting for so long. By the time I got my email I had already decided I wanted Merchandise more. Haha. I'm sorry to hear that, though. I'm jealous of Photopass, btw.

Christine said...

Aw, I'm sorry you didn't get character! But whateeever, Photopass will probably be loads of fun. It all happens for a reason :)

John W. said...

Sorry about thecharacter prformer but Photopass should be pretty cool. Imagine being the person who takes the pictures in front of the Castle, thereby creating everybodies favorite memories.

Ashlie said...

I'm sorry, hun.

Oh, and to put your questions at rest: I didn't email them, just got the rejection letter by their own schedule, and my rejection letter was no the "official mail merge style e-mail." I almost feel like it was intentional...you know, not having characters all over the page to rub it in...

PS - John: EverybodY'S, not EverybodIES. :P

Iris said...

I'm sorry that you did not get character performer. BUT...I'm glad that you are happy that you are doing PhotoPass. I think that would be a very neat role - in fact, I would be happy doing any role at WDW! :)

Marina said...

Thanks for the condolences everyone! I'm so excited for the opportunity to be PhotoPass though! Every day it gets more and more exciting :)

Frizzbird said...

I am pretty sure I mentioned this before but I didn't pass either. But the good part about both of us not getting it is that maybe we will get to work together!! and if we do... we can both talk! lol

Ashlie said...

Dear Marina,

Make more vlogs. You're adorable.



Mia said...

Aww I'm sorry u didn't get the character performer but congratulations on Photo Pass! :D

I'm doing the program in the Spring as well in Merchandise! :)

See ya down there! :)