Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Process: Part II

You made it past the web interview!! Congratulationsssss!!!

Now, its time to really shine:

Step 4: The Phone Interview
When you receive the phone number at the end of your web based interview, you call the number and set up an interview time that is convenient for you, much like setting up a doctor's appointment. On your specified day and time, an interviewer will call you and do the interview.

The Interview:
  • She'll go over your application. She'll ask again if you're a felon, if you ever worked for Disney, verify your address and your school, yadda yadda.
  • She'll make sure you're aware of and willing to comply with the Disney Look.
  • She'll ask a series of questions about your previous work experience. There may be some questions like "How did you handle a difficult boss or professor in the past?". These pretty much elaborate on the Gallup Web Interview questions you were asked.
  • The VERY important: Why do you want to work for Disney?
  • She'll ask scenario questions specific to the roles you picked on your Role Checklist. If you haven't already picked Quick Service Food and Beverage or Custodial, be prepared for her to ask if you'd like to do them, because they need a lot of people. If you don't want to, don't feel pressured into doing something you won't like. Just respectfully decline (read: nicely!). Before your interview, look at the list of roles you've selected and think about real world scenarios that could happen and how you would deal with them. In most cases, you won't know exactly what to do so its more about how you answer the question than what you actually say. The infamous Attractions question: What would you do if a child was too short to ride Space Mountain?

Tips for the phone interview: Smile! Be Polite! Focus on the skills and experience you have and be confident in your answers, even if you feel you aren't entirely qualified for a position.  Most people have never driven a monorail or operated a high speed roller-coaster. You will be trained for everything.

If you would like to audition to become a Character Performer, now is the time the interviewer will approve you (or not) for an audition and sign you up for a specific city/date. There are 14-15 cities around the US where auditions are held the same week. You can go to any location you want but they are all fair game. Auditions will be discussed in a later post.

Step 5: The Wait

You have done all you can do. Now you wait for the infamous purple... something. In the past, it was always a purple folder in a big white envelope (a regular sized white envelope is usually a pending letter or a rejection letter. eek!), but this semester, a ton of people have been receiving purple emails, including myself, followed by the purple folder.

Step 6: Accepting/Declining The Offer
So you got extended an offer in the Disney College Program! Congratulations!! Now, you just have to decide whether or not you want to accept the role they offered you. If you do, great! Go online, log in with the information you are provided with, choose your arrival/departure dates, and pay your $100 assessment fee. If you didn't get the role you really really wanted (and remember, you are only offered roles you checked off as ones you were willing to do), you can decline the offer and reapply next semester. The role they offer you is the only one you're going to get for the current semester. There is no penalty for declining the offer. You will have equal chances of getting in next time around no matter what you decide to do.

Step 7: Wait some more
Wait for your program to start! Work out everything at home before you leave. Do you have an apartment you need to sub-lease? Do you have pets you need to take to your parents' house? Do you have any final arrangements to make with your school? Do it now!

Step 8: Yay!!!
Move to Disney World!!!!!!!

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