Thursday, October 1, 2009

WDWCP Basics: Earning

Now onto the good stuff: Working in Disney World!!!

So during your time in the Walt Disney World College Program, you will be working in one of the four theme parks, two waterparks, or 20+ resort hotels (Isn't that exciting?!).

As will be mentioned in the Process posts later on, when you apply for the CP, you'll fill out a Role Checklist. This list is comprised of all the different job types you can have while you're on the program. You choose the ones you are interested in, and after your interview, the Disney College Recruiting team will decide which role you are best suited for from the ones you have chosen. Then upon your arrival, you will be given an even more specific work location, where you will be for the duration of your program. So for example, if you accept an offer as an Attractions Cast Member (rides) and you are positioned at Tower of Terror in Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park, you will be working as a Tower of Terror Bellhop for your entire program!

Here are some quick facts:
  • You are guaranteed to work at least 30 hours every week. I've read of people getting steady 50-60 hour weeks during peak times (Spring Break, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas) but most of the time people average 40-45 hours per week. Your hours greatly depend on your role and your location. For instance, if you work at Animal Kingdom, its possible you won't get as many hours as you would if you worked at Magic Kingdom simply because of the park hours difference.
  • You are paid weekly (and housing costs are directly taken out of your paycheck before you get it) so theoretically, your entire check is spending/entertainment money (remember to take out money for gas and groceries though!!).
  • Your schedule will rarely look the same day to day.Or week to week. This varies by location but expect some weird hours and long shifts.
But besides working long, weird hours... remember... You're working in Disney World!! For months!!!

Its totally gonna be worth it, I just know it.

I'm going down as a Photopass Photographer and from my role description, it really sounds like I'll be working in all four parks and maybe some resorts as well so I'm super excited!! Yay Photopass! haha.

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