Monday, January 11, 2010

Pictures: Back posts 1-5

January 1, 2010. POTD 1/365: Rural Texas.

January 2, 2010. POTD 2/365: Somewhere in Mississippi. My sister and I with the Colonel.

January 3, 2010. POTD 3/365: Entrance to the Birmingham Museum of Art. Birmingham, Alabama.

January 4, 2010. POTD 4/365: First site of Florida!

January 5, 2010. POTD 5/365: Downtown Disney. Characters in Flight hot air balloon.


Marissa said...
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Marissa said...

Ahh, so exciting! LOL @ Colonel Sanders.

Kristin said...

love the sunrise pictures and the idea of doing a picture of they day for a year, i totally need to try that!

how was your training today?

Lyanne M. said...

Love your pictures Marina! They are lovely.
And I know this is from the other post but congrats in getting EPCOT! :)

Katie said...

You're awesome.